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Ankara clothing and brands are the backbones of all our designs which brings about the relationship between clothes, bodies, and movements for fashion lovers.

The beauty of these Dutch wax or Ntoma as Ghanaians call it reflects the vibrant and bold prints available in the motherland.

It’s quite amusing that it’s origin comes from the foreign soil, Netherlands in Europe, a state known for flower farming.

It’s inspiration also roots to the Indonesian batik. A method of printing patterns on cloth using wax


We call it kitenge here in East Africa. As innovation spring up in various sectors, the fashion industry seems to be at the forefront.

However, necessity is the mother of invention and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ankara masks have been on the forefront and popular because it’s the ability to be reused several after washing it, unlike the N95.

Its price is also pocket friendly and some of our tailors and designers are distributing it to Kenyans for free. Charity begins at home.

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What is delighting about this is how Ankara designers and fashion enthusiasts keep up with trends and seasons to make sure that the pieces stand out.

The latest trends being the bareback tops and dresses, often referred to as off shoulders, for the ladies.

The African shoe print for the men too has been a thing. Accessories made of beads always gives it a perfect blend.


I can bet on that. These styles reflect the everyday ease of Western clothing. The diversity in this is so conspicuous.

The fact that all body types Atleast fit a certain type of make enables its appreciation as a whole by humanity.

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Our favorite television couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, have been giving their viewers a sumptuous array of designs.

This shows how it has grown to be more prominent in modern fashion.


The portray of an African woman that is evident when an African woman leader or a first lady is dressed in them, so to speak, gives that pride of being mama Africa.
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These styles are not restricted to a particular pattern. All thanks to the fashion enthusiasts. Clothing is a basic need!

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