Dear Ladies, If He Does These 5 Things, He loves You!


1. If he doesn’t request for s*x:

I know a lot of men would come at me for saying this. A man who loves you won’t want to exploit you by asking for your body.

Men who are truly in love tend to do some things not because they don’t want it but they love you.

A man who truly loves you will be able to hold his body and wait till you get married.

If a man keeps asking for your body, trust me he’s not truly in love with you.

This is because once men taste this forbidden fruit, they tend to leave you in pursuit to taste another fruit. Please don’t give your body out so as to be on a safer side.

If he apologises even when wrong:

Only mature men do this. Incase you don’t know, men are egoistic.

This is why a man will be wrong and still blame the woman for his wrongdoings.

Some men don’t accept the fact that they are wrong.

If you have a man who truly apologises even when not wrong, that’s a rare gem!

To men reading this, learn to apologise especially when wrong.

However, your man not apologising doesn’t make him a bad person. Please let’s take note of that, our behavior differs

3. If he introduces you to his mentor:

If a man introduces you to his friends and you are happy, trust me you are mistaken.

His friends may greet you well and address you well but deep inside them they know his other babes.

You don’t trust what you were told by a man’s friend. They could both be playing games.

If a man introduces you to significant figures in his life like mentor, pastors etc. It means he values you and truly plans to have the future with you.

4. If he’s very shy:

To a reasonable extent, someone who loves you will be shy when around you. He might find it difficult to maintain eye to eye contact.

Let me give you a simple trick. According to psychology, a person who is interested in you will be blinking his or her eyes when you are having conversations.

You can try this out any of these days and I’m very sure it will work.

However, if the two of you are already intimate. He won’t be shy and may not even blink that Much when in a conversation with you.

5. If he prays for you:

Nothing gives joy than having a man who knows God and prays fervently for his spouse. This is why you shouldn’t date guys who only have social media swags.

Ironically, most ladies run to these men probably because they have money.

Ladies should learn how to be independent and stop being attracted to someone else’s money.

Always appreciate the little your man gives you, that may be all he could afford.

Thanks for reading through! Let’s have your view concerning this. Ladies, if your man doesn’t do these listed things, it isn’t a reason to leave him. This isn’t applicable to every man out there.

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