Dictator Watch: “Surveillance Capitalism”~Chief

Shoshana Zuboff Explains the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

The human consciousness that is found in emotions is an overrated phenomenon and is slowly losing its meaning.

Our emotions are subjective to a much more meticulous artificial ‘competence without comprehension’. Algorithms controlling our emotions.

The appeal of human sentimentality that drives our biographical sense(ability to look back to the past and plan for the future) is something that makes us a unique primate.

But it’s losing its meaning because now algorithms control how we think, behave and plan through Social Media.

Big data owners like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc have made money by understanding the Computational theory of the human mind.

That our consciousness is nothing but a physical state that can be grounded into mental states through input, computation, and feedback

We are prisoners of language because it’s the best way of expressing our feedback/thoughts.

But this makes our autonomy to be vulnerable because it can be twisted to serve the best interests of politicians and corporations

This has already manifested itself through advertisements and psychologic manipulations pushed by third party data analytics companies like Cambridge Analytica etc

They are aided by the contents of our:

-Search engines contents
-Social media preferences, likes, and comments
-Online transactions
-Phone calls, messages, emails, etc

How then do we protect the autonomy of our consciousness and private human experience from exploitation by Capitalists?

“If you don’t pay for the product ,then you are the raw material

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