Dictator Watch;Education For Prestige~Mudimba.

"There you go, gentlemen.  According to this, we are now a "school of thought"."

It was noisy and messy a week ago, thanks to God there were no casualties as Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula once said it when James Orengo and Kipchumba Murkomen both members of the senate thwarted each other on what looked like a mere political rivalry but which would have raised another topic of education.

Different school of thoughts have come up with various assertions in reference to what education is both revolving around the fruits that education should result into.In my walk within our country for example I have seen school mottos like;”Education is life”,Education is the key”,”Education for life” and so many of such kind majority with metaphorical meaning but all in exposition of what education is meant to be.

James Orengo and Kipchumba Murkomen have been recently involved in battle of words which arose from their level of education and how one thinks he is better than the other.

James Orengo made a comical statement when he said that his counterpart Kipchumba Murkomen has been referring to articles that do not really exist in the legislation proceedings.

It might have been meant to pin him down but the connotation of statement became significant and more pragmatic when Murkomen in his defense said that he was more learned than his assailant and provide owning two masters degree as the proof claiming that Orengo had only a single degree in the same law field they both practice. Does that now authorize him to quote non-existent articles?

It was a question that rang in my mind immediately on hearing of his words.

Senator Orengo may not be having such much education accolades but what he has accomplished speaks volumes and it cannot go overlooked from whichever angle you would wish to look from.

An extraordinary lawyer who has not only alleviated the countries progress in legal matters but also helped bringing up young lawyers.

He is one of few prominent professionals whom young people look up to for motivation and as a living example of a leader and a scholar with value to the society.

His long experience being an added advantage.He should therefore be respected and treated like a gem to permit him extend his proficiency to others before he expires.

I too hold Senator Kipchumba Murkomen with the same respect and admiration especially concerning his achievement in the field of law and in education in extension.

A political leader who has been holding the Senate majority position and an icon to Rift Valley people but that can’t make me turn a blind eye on his detrimental sentiments to Orengo.

As Albert Einstein said education should be a ticket to unleashing maximum utilization of our brains and not just an accumulation of stagnant facts.

I partially agree with Murkomen that somehow, education, can be a source of prestige giving rise to a sense of dignity and respect but it should be the last thought to run across our mind if not at all.

©Mudimba K. Anthony

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