Here are the reasons why ladies love boda boda riders


It is true that boda boda men got the alot of love from ladies, and infact most ladies and married women cheat on there husbands with these guys.Here are the main reasons why they got that love from ladies.


Most of the boda boda riders are real, hence they never fake there lifestyles, they may approach a girl with there bike and tell her the truth about there hustle.Note that most ladies love real girls.Hence if a girl falls inlove with him he truly knows what he does for a living.


Most of the boda boda riders are usually young and energetic men, lets just say youths.For that reason, they usually satisfy well the ladies conjugal rights, i mean they are usually best and if a lady is sure of satisfaction she can’t hesistate to love you.


These guys are normally very courageous, they can sedduce any type of a girl despite of the girls standard.They rare fear approaching ladies, they usually go straight to the point, and they are always ready for any feedback either positive or negative feedback.This courage is also among the key factors that make ladies fall in there trap.

Those are the three major reasons why the boda boda riders are winning the hearts of many ladies.

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