Here is the Whole truth About Kempinski Viral Sex Video!


The alleged information this morning about the Nairobi’s high-end hotel Kempinski and its two workers allegedly having sex in the premise has now come into the light.

Lumbasi Daily has now confirmed the truth of this matter after the luxurious hotel went viral this morning after fake news that it sacked two chefs who were captured by CCTV having sex during working hours.

According to earlier, information the hotel went on to sack the two for their shameless perverted character in the wrong hours.

In the video that has gone viral, the two unidentified chefs are seen kissing on the corridor oblivious of who might come in or the presence of CCTV inside the hotel.

If the phrase, “I couldn’t wait to have a taste of you” was anything to go by, then the two would fit to it perfectly.

The man whose face is blurred is seen holding and kissing the lady who has also give in and seemingly enjoying the intimate time.

The two went on to undress their pants along the walls in the corridor.

However, new sources have emerged and confirmed that the two were not indeed from Kempinski hotel but a South African bakery.

The video was shared on twitter by a S. African based account “Minister of Love” with the caption, “At the risk of angering some of my followers, but please stop having sex at work STOP!!” the video was later shared by Kenyan tweeting with the caption, “Kempinski Hotel fires two cooks captured by CCTV cameras having sex during Kempsinski’.

The video caused an uproar with a faction of Kenyans condemning the act. After thorough research in a bid to confirm the validity of this video including a search for Kempinski’s response over the matter, Lumbasi Daily confirmed that it was fake news being purveyed against the Kempinski’ Hotel.

By the time of posting this article, the hotel had not yet responded to the matter yet.

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