Interesting facts about Slay queens you might not have known.

Ideally, urban dictionary or rather social media defines slayqueen as a lady who is concerned of how expensive she appears on social media and will go an extra mile to maintain a fake lifestyle.

Fancy dressing code and her makeup is her breath.

Coming past her without makeup you will probably understand this, mark you this is almost impossible.

She always shops for expensive clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories even when she doesn’t have a source of income.

Thats might be the main reason modern Relationships are loosing its former weight amd value and becoming unimaginable.

Majority of girls nowadays do not mind going after any kind of man so long as he is capable of lavishing money and other material things on them.

Now this are the sort of girls we are referring to as slay queens with lavish lifestyles sponsored by older men and rich men

The sad part is that this girls have to tolerate any nonsense meted out on them just because they are lazy to work for their own Money.

Girls who do not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do. They use malicious acts to attain cash, drink expensive alcohol, procure expensive cellphones. But back at home she’s a chicken chaser.

 Below are some interesting facts about slay queens :

They use unique language

Penda wewe sana bae is among the common jargons with slay queens. They will always strive to appear different from other women.

No make up no stepping out

If you have a friend who is always wearing her makeup from morning to evening then there are chances that she belongs to this group of women we are calling slay queens.

They love partying

Slay queens’ party from Monday to Monday.  They keep posting photos of themselves having fun in clubs and other places.

They keep blue ticking

Slay queens will ignore your text messages on Whatsup until you get annoyed with them.

Ever on social media.

Slay queens cannot liveaway from their phones.They always check on how many people liked or commented on their photos andupdates.Their airtime is majorly not for calling but buying data bundles. 

6.Current trends.

Slay queens are always updatedon the latest jackpot millionaire, current shopping malls, in short anything that is trending and has monetary inclination.

Below are some photos of popular slay queens in Ghana :

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