Maestro Thoughts: Is Kenya Ready for Digital Learning? Thoughts by Mudimba

Cabinet Secretary for Education Fred Matiang'i shows pupils how to operate a laptop at The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development on December 15, 2015. PHOTO | GERALD ANDERSON | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Technology is wonderful it’s introduction to the world has made life easier and enjoyable and that goes unchallenged

.Digital learning is part and parcel of technology and it is not simple as the term may sound but rather an anthology of different elements; manpower, analogies, tools , gadgets among other important protocols that make it practical .

I fully back the urge by the government for implementing digital learning only if the strategies laid in place are inclined into making it a reality.

Kenya being a third world country insinuates that some entities among them technology are still in development stages.

It is a reality we cannot turn a blind on and push for programs that may not meet their intended objective appropriately leading to half-baked results which are harmful and improverished than they are worthwhile.

Majority of Kenyan citizens are low class level people with mearger income unable to cope up with the demanding nature of digital learning requirements and if they have to they may do it in straining;not all are able to afford a laptop, smartphone , buy bundles frequently or even have access to WIFI for their children when they are don’t have food or clothes to put on at first place.

Introducing this to parents will be adding a new obligation on an already existing burden of school fees.

Electricity is still a problem in some parts of our country, keeping in mind that technology fully relies on power as it’s central propellant turning digital learning a nightmare to student living in rural remote areas within our country.

To worsen the situation, network connection or coverage is very low or none at all in this same remote areas hampering digital learning even more.

Digital learning should be done by proficient tutors with an adequate mastery on how to deal with the devices as well as facilitate the learning in the best way possible.

We lack this personnel, since very few teachers in our country, fully understand matters of technology and only a number may be having an insight which doesn’t match with the large number of students in our schools.

The online learning materials like e-books, the learning platforms and means of facilitating the learning has not yet been developed and equipped entirely.

Just like new education system is implemented in phases after thorough piloting.

The governments should refer to that and apply the same technique in launching of digital learning program.

Phases should be based on capability of the given institution to support the program,for example we may start with national schools then to extra county schools in that order as the school capacity to facilitate heightens.

Alternatively we may opt to base on regions for example Nairobi region schools then move the succeeding town in that order as other towns advance in technology.But compelling it’s implementation at once may not work well and as an only adage goes Rome was not built once.

©Mudimba K. Antony

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