Poetry; “Nitalia na Jina Lake” Lettie Poet Writes.

How to Break Up with Someone, Catholic Style

You see hii ni story ya uyu dem na uyu chali. Tulimeet as a coincidence tukiwa swimmo,nikiwa na swim suit na yeye akiwa na muscles zingenisuit vipoa 😂we become friends. From friends to besties ,from besties to mates and from that Sijui kuexplain…Tulitawala jiji, pale snapchat tukisnap filters, pale ig tukijukosea dignity, pale Fb tukijianika faces bila kujua kama kutakuwa na case baadae
I made sure everybody knew he was mine and I lowered my disency 😥
One thing led to another and there I fell sick ,every meal was blunt, asubuhi was my worst,kitunguu I was in disgust…. 😖😖😖my appetite was off and I just had to cry on…. Doctor what are the results, is it malaria or ni mahenjia…. Ama ni corona😁…”Nooooooo ,should I start with bad or good news coz you are expectant and you are way young to deliver “
Sijui ni P2 ama I’ll just be expecting the death of myself cause everything is just an aspect…if I die,if I abort, if I Loose my womb 😥😭😭😭nitalia na jina lake
“Sitaki kukuona… Toka mbele yangu, Who knows if even I’m responsible for the thing that is in “was all he said.. Day 1,2,3 I’ll even lost track of the crap and mbogi yake Imemshw anisare…. I don’t know what to do buh if anything happens …..nalia na jina lake


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