Sexy Photos of Citizen TV’s Maggy That Leaves You Tongue-Tied.

In Citizen TV’s drama series MariaΒ she is always seen being adhesive and on the move to win Sila’s love against Vanesa who comes from a rich family.

Acting the role Maggy which her real name is Beatrice Dorea Chege, has managed to keep her audience anticipating for more.

In real life, she is the CEO of Dorea’s Parlour, a company that deals with beauty.

Away from this theoretical work, check this prepossessing bewitching,Β charming, classy, comely and sexy photos that lit up the social media.



Stay safe,stay home.

Dear Restuarant ,sorry for taking you forgranted.

Photo by Miss D in Paidpartnership. Image may contain: 1 person


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